How to distinguish Eva foam mat good or bad?

EVA foam mats are a common material used for floor protection, often used in gyms, game areas, and children’s play areas. Here are some ways to distinguish between good and bad EVA foam mats:

  1. Material: EVA foam mats are mainly made of EVA material. Good EVA material is usually softer, has good elasticity, and has a delicate touch. In contrast, poor quality EVA material may be harder, less elastic, and have a rougher texture.
  2. Density: The density of the EVA foam mat is also an important indicator of its quality. Generally speaking, the higher the density of the EVA foam mat, the better its impact resistance and wear resistance.
  3. Odor: High-quality EVA foam mats should have a minimal odor. If there is a strong chemical odor, it may indicate the presence of harmful chemicals and the mat may not be safe to use.
  4. Appearance: The surface of a good EVA foam mat should be smooth and uniform, without any obvious bubbles or wrinkles. The color should be uniform and consistent throughout the mat.
  5. Durability: Good EVA foam mats should be durable and resistant to wear and tear. They should not easily deform or break down with normal use.

By considering these factors, you can more easily distinguish between good and bad EVA foam mats.